Practical Training Certificate (PTC) Level 1

(Formally known as Stonebow, Craft Trainer Award (CTA) / TS1


The Practical Training Certificate (PTC) programme teaches your people in supervisory, training or management roles or anyone who is responsible for carrying out practical (instructional) skills how to deliver quick, effective, on-the-job practical training to small groups or individuals in the workplace.

Our experienced PTC trainers will show them how to interest and motivate their trainees, deliver step-by-step, easy-to-understand training, and set acceptable performance standards for each step. In short, they’ll learn how to raise the performance of their entire team and business!

Please note that his is a challenging course and involves work in the evenings to prepare for the training sessions.


Benefits include:

  • Ensure quality/customer service/health and safety/legal/production/process standards/standard operation procedures etc are trained correctly. 

  • Creating a learning and development culture where colleagues can share their knowledge effectively 

  • Consistent excellent training for all your people 

  • Formal assessment – all delegates are assessed at the end of the programme, and will get valuable feedback on what they’re doing well, and where they can improve

Who should take this course?


This course is ideal for anyone who is responsible for training staff with a practical element to their job – for example, setting tables, preparing food, cleaning a bedroom, displaying stock, operating machinery. This includes supervisors, team leaders, managers, trainers or experienced people who help to train new starters or apprentices.


It also acts as a helpful refresher for professional trainers who want to keep their skills up to date.

Benefits include:


By the end of the Practical Training Certificate programme you will be able to:

  • Analyse tasks in order to plan effective training 

  • Design two practical training sessions using the ABC structure to meet specified training needs 

  • Deliver two short pieces of practical training 

  • Provide constructive feedback to learners following practical training sessions                                                                                                           To the standard of the People 1st Practical Training Certificate

What The Course Covers

  • Structuring a practical training session ABC (Attention, Breakdown, Check) 

  • Attention phase – grabbing attention and motivating leaners 

  • Breakdown phase – task analysis, breaking the training process into logical steps, including required performance/process/company/health and safety standards 

  • Breakdown phase – involving trainees using questions 

  • Check phase – checking learning and understanding 

  • Adapting training to different learning styles 

  • Giving constrictive feedback 

  • Training to small groups 

  • Design two practical training sessions using the ABC structure to meet specified training needs 

  • Delegate practice/assessment sessions


Our PTC training sessions are structured but very interactive, with plenty of opportunities to share ideas, take part in exercises, practice new skills and learn from fellow participants.

Price and information

In-company or Open programme:

Price and dates on application

Course Length:

3 days


Number of people per programme:

Minimum 4, maximum 6 participants.

Previous clients - AA Hotel and Hospitality Services, OCS Group (Royal Parks), Marco Pole (Bucharest), National Express, The Ritz, Lawn Tennis Association, Rocco Forte Hotels, Elizabeth Arden, AnyTime Fitness, Nottingham City Transport, Spirit Group, Shepherd Neame, Chelsea Football Club, National Space Centre, Ramada Hotels, Browns Hotel, Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Carlisle Support Services, Dumfries & Galloway College, HandPicked Hotels, Virgin Active, SouthEast Ambulance Service, Vaillant Group, Ford Retail, Beds and Bars, Spirit Pub Group, CAMRA.